Through the Lens

Exhibition 17th April to 4th May 2014

M16 Gallery Canberra

Carol Mead and Kristin Ballard

‘Through the Lens’ celebrates the Australian landscape, flora and fauna from the Kimberly to Hobart, Perth to Canberra and everywhere in-between through a variety of media. Carol Mead and Kristin Ballard have photographed and produced work through their extensive travels over the past 5 years. ‘Through the Lens’ provides an intimate view into the Australian experience from two women through their art and photography

Kristin Ballard and Carol Mead

Kristin Ballard and Carol Mead

The works within ‘Through the Lens’ as a whole, juxtapose into one another through experience, tones and form. The works both contrast and compliment each other, giving an overall experience of the depth of the work and the detail of the experience of travel through Australia and affinity with the landscape and inhabitants. Both Carol and Kristin draw on their combined knowledge and expertise in their chosen media to give a larger view without forgoing the detail of the amazing Australian experience.

Exhibition Pieces

Carol Mead works with mixed media elements to create canvases which are tactile and multi – dimensional. These works are unique within mixed media style and use many mediums such as paper, ink, pastes, texture and paint so that the paintings form a story within themselves to unfold before the viewer. Carol is an accomplished artist in mixed media, acrylics and watercolour and uses a number of techniques in her paintings to offer depth, movement and light. Often within the works are hidden surprises and comments which are not apparent at first glance. Sections are overlayed with pattern and texture, which gives vibrancy to the work.

Kristin Ballard works with both colour and black and white images to invite the viewer to look closely into the Australian experience through landscapes, animals, birds and plants. These photos capture an instant which delivers a clear and intimate view of the subject. Kristin’s interest in the landscapes and wildlife arises from studies in environmental science and a country upbringing. Early exposure to quality photographic equipment ignited this lifelong passion and for the last few years she has used a Canon EOS-1 DS Mark III camera and lenses ranging up to 400mm. Kristin also uses a Canon EOS 7D for wildlife and birds in particular.

‘Through the Lens’ is Carol and Kristin’s first combined exhibition bringing together a mixed media and photographic journey of travel through Australia.

This exhibition is proudly sponsored by Ben Aulich and Associates website .

Below is my section – mixed media paintings for sale at the exhibition

All paintings are for sale at the exhibition prices between $600 and $1200

Unsold art will be offered for sale after the exhibition

Please click on photo for a better resolution view.

Going home to roost


The Shell Seekers

The Shell Seekers

Break of Day

Break of Day

Textures of Millaa Millaa Falls

Textures of Millaa Millaa Falls

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

7 Morton Outlook

Morton Outlook

8 Raucous Chorous

Raucous Chorous SOLD

9 Midsummer Afternoon

Midsummer Afternoon

10 Last Light

Last Light SOLD

11 Jacaranda Time at Tilba

Jacaranda Time at Tilba SOLD


17 Drifting at Dawn

Drifting at Dawn SOLD

18 Moonrise over Ancient Boabs

Moonrise over Ancient Boabs SOLD

19 Misty Blue

Misty Blue

20 Snowy River Brumbies (2)

Snowy River Brumbies

21 1000 years of history

1000 years of history


22 In the Quiet of the Morning

In the Quiet of the Morning

23 Kakadu Billabong

Kakadu Billabong

24 Red Sand Aqua Sea

Red Sand Aqua Sea

25 Standing Tall

Standing Tall

26 Place For Reflection

Place For Reflection

12 Under the Shade

Under the Shade

13 Waiting For Lunch

Waiting For Lunch

14 Summer Grasses

Summer Grasses

15 Blue Flash in the Rainforest

Blue Flash in the Rainforest

16 Sentinels

Sentinels SOLD