Coming on to winter

May 29, 2017 in Blog

Hi everyone – as you k now winter is very cold here in Canberra and the mountains!!!!!!

I have decided to have July pretty much off except for the 360 market and the Queanbeyan Market – I will be away much of July… in a warmer climate (yeah!!)

Also this weekend (and July) for Hall Markets is also terribly cold and since I have the lurgy – I have decided that Hall Markets is a no go for me – I will sew instead I think

As I rethink my markets this year – I have decided (with a rather heavy heart) that the Murrumbateman Field Days and the Canberra Christmas Market are too expensive for the exposure given. Last year was a tester for Murrumbateman Field Days and while it was lovely in some respects – I felt the craft section was very much under advertised and needs a lot more promotion to make it worthwhile for me to attend.


Sadly the Canberra Christmas Market also needs a heap more promotion to make it worth my while… the fees are excessive for what has become a very mediocre event which is struggling to compete with handmade next door.

Personally I went a bit crazy trying to do much more stock than I can cope with so I feel it is in my (and hubby’s) best interests to let these go and focus on smaller markets with reasonable and affordable stall fees.

We are lucky here in Canberra to have such a cho8ice of great markets – I hope to see you soon at one! Just refer to the calendar in the side bar